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Collamask: Vis Mask or Anti-wrinkle mask - Aesthetists normally recommend the use of anti-ageing products for women aged 25 and over. Do you think we can say that at the age of 25 you start ageing? Certainly not, you are in the flower of the years, life opens up before you, maybe you begin to approach the realization of your dreams and projects but your skin sees it differently, for her already in this young age begins a slow process of loss of fundamental components that will lead, over the years to the characteristic adult skin, aged. How to do it?

The skin is not simply a tissue, an aggregate of cells with composition functions of organs with superior functions, the skin is an organ that performs essential functions for the body and as you take care of your liver, kidneys and so on, you need to take care of the skin so that it can function at its best.

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The skin is the layer that covers every smallest ravine of the body, protecting the body from the aggression of viruses, bacteria, chemicals, environmental pollution, sunlight. Without this protection we would live very little, this is one of the most important aspects when deep and extensive burns destroy the skin, leading in many cases to loss of life.

The skin is composed of several layers of cells, also specialized in the production of sebum and sweat or nerve endings that communicate directly with the brain. The skin needs water, nutrients and oxygen to function, so it is richly sprayed with blood.

All this complex structure needs support that has the ability to retain water at the same time to keep the skin healthy, tonic and resistant: this is collagen.

Over the years, the skin loses the ability to restore the collagen layer and, under the action of muscles that tend to corrugate it, being less toned, allows the formation of wrinkles. This process begins around the age of 25 and the effects are already evident around 30 years of age, with the skin less toned and hydrated, less luminous and with the first wrinkles.

For this reason, it is advisable to start counteracting this effect from the age of 25 to prevent these effects and to keep young skin looking good even in the most mature age. Tackling skin ageing is an investment for the future

When you look at the mirror and you realize that wrinkles are advancing and give you a younger look, of course alarms, maybe if I had used a good anti-ageing product before this moment would have come much later in time but now it is done. What do you do?

Many women at this point seek every possible remedy that science and cosmetics offer:

With these treatments you also face risks, in some cases, however, there are side effects that you certainly do not want such as Rossori, Gonfiori, Allergy, Paralysis by Botulinum excesses, scars, and skin interruptions, even infections. Why deal with all these consequences if I could do without them and still achieve excellent results? If we tell you that you can certainly avoid all these problems with no inferior results, would you not try?

A new mask has recently been formulated, not the usual one, there are so many in circulation, which is not yet very widespread commercially in Italy, although it is quite widespread in many other European countries where those who have used it are simply enthusiastic about the results achieved in a short time.

Collamask, the name of this exceptional mask, is increasingly used by beauty professionals in beauty salons (this is what can be read on different websites).

It is a collagen mask, one of the fundamental components of the skin that gives fullness, firmness, retention of fluids, thus giving a healthy appearance to the skin of the face, maintaining the right oval face, a younger appearance for longer.

The result you obtain with Collamask is visible in a few weeks and consists of a relaxed and toned skin, wrinkles smoothed with the effect of collagen that solves the skin from below, softened dark circles and rebalanced skin: if greasy, normalizes the sebum, dry skin is more moisturized, soft, velvety, the antipathetic "chicken's feet" are reduced,"hen's feet".

When you use any product to be applied on your face, you should always consider the composition: often, especially those at excessively low cost, are composed of chemicals that do not do absolutely well, can cause allergies and skin damage.

Pay attention also to Chinese products, not to denigrate China, for charity, friendly, friendly country, worthy of all admiration in many respects but with laws of health protection still too blah blah


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