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Green Coffee Plus generally collects good feedback online. The problem is that it is difficult to verify them, and the biggest problem is that you have to buy a supplement in the dark.

And we don't like it because you see when you don't know what the composition of the product is, you can't compare it with others before you buy it, and that means buying a cat in a bag, but in turn....

As far as Green Coffee Plus is concerned, the opinions are very encouraging, at least some of them, as you will easily notice in many forums. The supplement appeared on the market quite a long time ago, many people bought it and many people had a chance to judge it. Among the statements of content, it is generally said that this product works, but very slowly.

In addition, many people are wrong with the distributor (and it's hardly surprising that they don't give the composition of the product. You can't get to know him before the purchase, which may raise doubts with an informed customer, and certainly is unethical.

However, this does not change the fact that many Green Coffe Plus people buy, and this choice is most often dictated by emotions, and not real reasons that speak in favour of the product. Less so - it is known that sales are largely based on emotions and it is difficult to deny this phenomenon.

We managed to reach the warehouse. Green Coffee Plus Patented Proprietary Blend 800.00 (mg/2 caps) Green Coffee 800.00 (mg/2 caps) Rice flour 90.00 (mg/2 caps).

This means that the Green Coffee Plus capsule contains 400mg green coffee extract per capsule. This content is typical for most green coffee products available on the market - Swanson or NowFoods have very similar products (and cheaper ones).

Unfortunately, however, it is difficult to determine on the basis of the label how much chlorogenic acid (key ingredient) Green Coffee Plus contains. What also gives us to think about, because chlorogenic acid is supposed to be an ingredient with the strongest weight loss properties. Does Green Coffee Plus contain it? The manufacturer claims to do so, but in what amounts? Unfortunately, this was not reported.

The Green Coffee Plus price is not so high that the average customer is not prevented from buying this product. For a package containing 60 capsules, which are sufficient for a month of treatment, one should pay 97 z?oty, paying additionally a fee for the consignment (equally high in the case of prepayment as well as payment for collection) in the amount of 20 z?, which is already an explicit lease.

Products with the same green coffee content and known composition (including information on the amount of chlorogenic acid contained in capsules) cost up to half the price. Shipping costs are also much lower in most stores.

On this basis, it is easy to say that there are much better alternatives to Green Coffee Plus on the market, but discussing the advantages and disadvantages of all of them is not the goal, so now we will focus on one. Green Coffee 5K green coffee extract.

COMPOSITION OF DECYPTIONS, composition and TRANSPARENCY OF THE PRINCIPLE. It's worth looking for the second so well described and so well described ULTRA POWER green coffee supplement GREEN COFEE 5K. Studies carried out some time ago have shown that weight loss supports a really large amount of extract. A minimum of 1000mg a day is necessary, and Green Coffee 5K contains as much as 5000mg, but that's not all.

In this particular supplement, that is GREEN COFEE 5K, there is a specific amount of chlorogenic acid.

We will say more: the amount of caffeine contained in the supplement is also given on the packaging so that you can easily assess whether you can use it or not, e. g. You are very sensitive to caffeine!!

It is a unique phenomenon on a European scale at least, so basically only this supplement can we recommend with a clear conscience.

Cost? The cost is not exaggerated, you will pay for a huge amount of green coffee. 160 PLN and you will receive the shipment for FREE. You can get more money back for the supplement and only return the package.

Summing up: by buying Green Coffee 5K you don't lose anything, and you can gain by getting rid of overweight.

If we were to choose between all green beans on the market, we would choose this product - it's an unquestionable leader - without secrets, hiding the line-up, without a proverbial cloth and with a 90-day warranty.

If you are planning to buy green coffee, it's important to choose this supplement, because there is no better on the market.

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PS I it is important to know about the effects: -).

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